A New Cover for Book One!

Exciting news, friends and readers!

As I flail my way through learning how to successfully brand ‘The Panagea Tales’ as a series, I am here to announce a new cover for book one!

Following the advice of some wonderful people who are vikings in the world of indie author marketing, I’ve secured another cover from Consuelo Perro, the talented artist behind ‘The Gods Who Harvested Men’ and now ‘The Tree That Grew Through Iron’.

Since book one has recently undergone edits to remove the last of those pesky typos, I thought it was especially fitting to retire the lovely original cover. This not only cements the uniqueness of the first edition in its entirety, but sets the stage for a more fluid aesthetic as the series continues.

I’ve also taken your advice to heart and increased the font size of ‘The Tree That Grew Through Iron’. This has ballooned the book size to a whopping 460 pages, so I apologize for the $1.00 price increase–it was necessary to off set the cost of printing.

Thank you all for following me along this journey. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to learn as I go, and have a wonderful fan base who is as accepting as they are understanding. I can say with confidence that as the series blooms, the corrections on my part will (hopefully) decrease. The margin of human error is high, but mankind’s adaptability is stunning in its own right.

PS: The new copies will be available on Amazon within a week.


The Tree That Grew Through Iron

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