Pre-Orders for Book Two!

adbooktwoHello, friends!

I’m excited to announce that ‘The Gods Who Harvested Men: Book Two in The Panagea Tales” is available for pre-order on Amazon!

Secure your pre-order here!

Thank you all for your patience while I powered my way through another 400 pages of content for our dear companions, Nicholai, Kazuaki, Umbriel, and the crew. I hope the second installment brings you as much joy as the first.

I’ve learned a lot about marketing, proper blurbs, and good series covers in the last several months. I know book one has undergone several large face lifts in the days since its debut, but I’m hoping everything that poor book has endured since June will only serve to streamline the process for other books in the series.

I’m grateful for you all, and I hope to keep your attention as the series continues on into the third installment!

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