The Characters


nicoTime Father to Southeastern, Nicholai Addihein (Nee-coh-lie Add-ih-high-n) is the youngest of the current division leaders. His idealistic views often make his expectations more challenging than they need to be, as he struggles to balance humanitarian efforts with the necessity of making uncomfortable decisions.

He wants what’s best for everyone, and fails to see that such a utopia is an impossibility. Because of his strong desire to do ‘what’s right’, he chastises himself harshly when he makes mistakes.


Kazuaki Hidataka (Kah-zoo-wah-kee Hee-duh-tah-kuh), the captain cursed with immortality, leads his crew of outcasts with a harsh, but fair hand.

Embittered by the darkness of mankind and witnessing countless lifetimes rise and fall, Kazuaki has no qualms about slaughtering anything that stands in his way of hunting down Panagea’s remaining myths and legends. While fearless in both battle and daily life, he has a quiet, unquestionable weakness for his quartermaster, Bermuda.



Umbriel Dasyra (Um-bree-ehl Dah-see-ruh) is the last remaining Earth Mother to the world of Panagea. Though circumstances of her past should have turned her into a bitter person, the warmth of her spirit is often accompanied by a supernatural comfort to those around her.

With the ability to regenerate lifeforms on a cellular structure, she’s held fast to her youth, despite the fact that she’s hundreds of years old. Umbriel is not shy about sharing her wisdom with others and is always quick to help however she can, so long as it does not involve taking another person’s life.

bermudaprofile2Bold and confident, Bermuda (Ber-mew-duh) makes for a flawless quartermaster to Kazuaki and his crew. But as the sun sets and the duties of the day fall away, she’s often plagued by an unnatural guilt that surfaces in the safety of her closed cabin doors.

While she’s quite capable of unleashing fluid blade swings and bullets, the only fight she can’t seem to win is the one she’s made in her own head and heart.


Revi Houton (Reh-vee Hoh-ton), the longest standing crew member of Kazuaki Hidataka’s ship, invested over ten years of his adult life with the immortal captain.

Too disgusted with his past actions to value his own existence, Revi is an unnaturally violent fighter with no fear of death. This, coupled with his knowledge on how to maintain the steam-and-sail ship that carries the crew, makes him a valuable asset to the team.

ElowynProfile2Elowyn Saviegn (Eh-low-wyn Sah-veen), a former medic from the Northern division’s military, holds fast to an incredible amount of knowledge regarding the human body. Her quick thinking often lends itself to the others when they suffer from injuries during their more hazardous endeavors.

The expertise provided by her education makes her a perfectionist in battle; she’d rather go straight for her opponents main arteries or organs that will kill them quickly, rather than allow them to suffer. Elowyn is painfully aware of the patriarchal society in which she lives, and while the crew accepts her without condition, she often feels the need to try twice as hard to prove her capability as a woman in a male dominated world.

bartprofile2Bartholomew Gray (Bar-thah-luh-mew Gray), a former scholar from the Northwestern division, found his way to Kazuaki’s ship when his ruling Time Father, Vadim Canmore, destroyed his land’s learning institutions to pave the way for more industrial efforts to flourish.

His intelligence lends itself to many things, including reading the stars to serve as the ship’s navigator, and helping Kazuaki to dissect and interpret ancient texts containing vital information regarding the myths and legends they hunt. The logical thinker does not fear the psychological aftermath of taking a man’s life, but he prefers the relative safety of long-range weapons.

BrackProfileBrack “The Rabbit” Joney (Brack Joh-nee) is the only member of Kazuaki’s crew without a chip on his shoulder. The man’s past has never been discussed, but he lives an endearing, carefree lifestyle that indicates an absence of any hard feelings.

Though he’s comfortable in his role as jester of the group, Brack’s skills onboard and off-board the ship are not to be misjudged. His competence is often disguised behind his wild antics and humor, and he’s not shy about sharing the knowledge of how many women he’s slept with in his lifetime.

RennPlatts2Rennington (Ren-ning-ton) and Iani (Ee-ah-nee) Platts are two brothers once belonging to the Southern division’s military. After disagreeable circumstances caused them to desert their unit, they found their way into Kazuaki Hidataka’s good graces and promised their futures to his ship.

IaniPlatts2Rennington boasts a more mature nature than his little brother, but when the two are together, their behavior becomes quite childish. They love each other with an unmatched fierceness, and while neither will admit it, they share a similar love for their home division of Southern. The brothers miss the allegiance they felt to the land where they were born and raised, and consider themselves lucky to share a camaraderie with the crew similar to the one they previously shared with the other soldiers of the Southern division.

They have unofficially ‘adopted’ Elowyn Saveign as a sister-like figure, and affectionately refer to her as ‘E.P’, which stands for Elowyn Platts.

graniteGranite is a man of few words. He does what is expected of him without embellishment. While anyone who did not know him could look at the man and immediately identify his ability to crush a human skull with his hands, only the members of Kazuaki’s crew know the subtle gentleness of his spirit, at least in regard to dogs.

The companionship shared between Granite and his unnamed dog, often referred to as simply ‘the beast’, is one of the strongest on the ship. If someone doesn’t learn quickly enough not to mess with the dog, they’ll find themselves at the mercy of Granite’s raw power… and it never ends well.

PennPenn Elmbroke is the youngest member of Kazuaki’s crew, having joined the captain and his outcasts at the tender age of 19. What he lacks in age he makes up for in cynicism, and often keeps to himself in the galley as the ship’s cook and cooper.

While his tongue carries a foulness with it, Penn’s incredible determination to give of himself to the only family he’s known has proven itself time and time again. More skilled at using words as weapons than daggers or pistols, Penn is often the one to stay with the ship, but he does a damn good job of it.



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