First Book Signing at The Book Store

signing2Wow! I don’t know what else to say to encapsulate the experience that was my first book signing. (But I’m a writer, so I’ll try.)

I am eternally grateful to have amazing friends and contacts within the wonderful world of Facebook. A lovely woman I met long ago, Jenny, saw my shameless self-promotion posts flowing through my newsfeed about The Tree That Grew Through Iron, and she happened to know the owner of a book store in Appleton, WI, aptly named ‘The Book Store’. Several messages later, I had the event booked!

There were some concerns as to how many people would show, as Appleton was a good half an hour outside the safety and comfort of my home town. Coffee and general nervousness made for a jittery introduction to the first few people who showed, but I was blown away by the soothing ambiance of The Book Shop. And a major, major shout out to my mom, brother, and sister Kelsey (who lives in flippin’ Iowa but drove all that way to surprise me at the event!). Family is feckin’ amazing, you guys. With their love and support, you can overcome any mental obstacle. signing5

Meeting the faces of those who read the words I wrote was humbling. I genuinely love each and every person who walked up to the homey booth provided by The Book Store’s owner, Kalan. I’m eternally grateful, Kalan, that you let me dip my toe in the book signing waters at your store– I can’t think of any better place to have started. The atmosphere was unprecedented. A thousand and one thank you’s to you, my dear!

Thirteen books found their new homes that day. I know, I know… everybody’s favorite number, right? If you consider the copy that Kalan took to sell in The Book Store, that makes fourteen, but I’m not superstitious. Thirteen is my new lucky number.

signing7From the bottom of my weird little heart, thank you to everyone who made it out. Thank you to Kalan and The Book Store for having me. And thank you to the writing gods and goddesses who gave me the ambition to craft this story. It’s been a wild ride so far. I can’t wait to find out how it ends.

Love, light and peace,






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