Character Art

Commissions, fan art, and everything in between – this is the landing page for any and all artwork I receive featuring the cast of characters from the Panagea universe.

As an artist myself, I love supporting my metaphorical brothers and sisters in the community. If the artist responsible for the piece has a website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other form of communication, I’ll be sure to post it and issue proper credit. (If you click the photos, it should credit the artist, if known, and show where to reach them).

I hope you enjoy perusing through these as much as I enjoyed receiving them!

It’s a work in progress at the moment, but I’ll add as many as I can for now!

Kazuaki Hidataka, the immortal pirate captain: with his long black hair and iconic long jacket, he stands out as head of his crew.

Nicholai Addihein, Time Father of the Southeastern division. He is almost always featured in his suit vest/hat goggles combo, and the state of his forearm is either organic or mechanical, depending on whether it’s art that takes place before the final events of The Tree That Grew Through Iron.

Bermuda, the quartermaster aboard Captain Kazuaki’s crew. She’s almost always featured in her deep red outfit, and she sports a mechanical hand due to her bargain with Mimir.

Umbriel Dasyra, the serene, silver-haired beauty. She is the last Earth Mother to Panagea and is a very tranquil, compassionate soul.

Brack ‘The Rabbit’ Joney, a member aboard Captain Kazuaki’s crew. With his long braid and mutton chops, he spends his free time seducing any living, breathing women who happen to be nearby.

Elowyn Saveign plays the part of the crew’s medic. Her short black hair is practical, and although she’s the most petite member of the crew, she’s still a force to be reckoned with.

Rennington Platts, the eldest of the Platts brothers, is a former Southern soldier who joined Kazuaki’s crew with his younger brother, Iani.

Iani Platts, the youngest of the Platts brothers, is far more immature than his older brother, Rennington. He always comes through when it counts though.

Granite is a hulking behemoth of a man. He towers over other crew members, but is especially sweet and tender with his precious dog, affectionately referred to as the beast or beastie.

Bartholomew Gray, otherwise known as the scholar, utilizes his studious brain as the crew’s navigator. He also helps the captain dissect ancient texts relating to Panagea’s myths and legends.

Penn Elmbroke, the ship’s cook and cooper, often balks at authority. He’ll grumble his way through most orders, but he truly respects the captain and the crew.

Revi Houton is the longest standing member of the crew. He keeps his head down and obeys orders well. Much of his time is spent battling the guilt that stems from leaving his family behind.

Mimir, God of Knowledge, has many forms depending on when the art takes place. He once looked very human, but after being condemned to a well for centuries, absent of mankind’s prayer, he took on a rather monstrous appearance.

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