A Year of Inspired Giving – March

There’s something intrinsically exciting about peering into the thoughts of others, isn’t there? Something about experiencing their feelings and adventures through the words they write and share that just makes your spirit tingle?

I know I’m not alone. Journals of soldiers and slaves and history’s most influential citizens would not grace our many museums if that were the case. It is a quirk shared by one of the characters in my series.

old-books-436498_1280Bermuda can be a hardass in her role as quartermaster, but she appreciates a good journal entry when one falls into her lap. (In fact, the very first scene in The Tree That Grew Through Iron, we’re introduced to her penchant for aging diaries … so long as the topic of love doesn’t surface on those tattered pages.)

I struggled for a while with what organization Bermuda would make a donation to if she were an actual human being, and not a fictitious blunderbuss-wielding wench from a world on the edge of environmental collapse. When I saw the UntitledTown Book and Author Festival was seeking donations, I knew I had found it.

This year especially, with stories ranging from domestic violence survivors to immigrant experiences, I felt in my heart Bermuda would be drawn to supporting this organization. As a woman surrounded by countless underdogs, each with his or her own tale to tell, she understands the importance of stories. Stories are what propel her and the others along in their endless quest to dig up the legends of Panagea. Without the documented tales of those long gone, all evidence of the mythological beasts of Panagea’s past would’ve been lost forever.

So … what is UntitledTown, you ask?

UntitledTown is a nonprofit cultural organization dedicated to celebrating the human act of storytelling. Since 2017, UntitledTown Co. has fostered a community of readers and writers of all ages and experiences, culminating in an April UntitledTown Book and Author Festival.

Pretty amazing, right? It’s not just the predilection for keeping stories alive that made me choose this as Bermuda’s organization. UntitledTown’s official statement of inclusion reminded me so much of the temperament coursing through the entire ship. Captain Kazuaki Hidataka makes it perfectly clear that his crew is accepted blindly, no questions asked. Murderers, thieves, orphans and deserters … there’s no short supply of misfits aboard the ship. One rule stands far and above any others: it doesn’t matter who you were, what you’ve done, or what you believe. All that matters is that you stand with your comrades in the present, no questions asked.

UntitledTown reflects a similar inclusion. From their website:

UntitledTown seeks to lift and enrich by celebrating all forms and expressions of the human condition. We welcome all races, religions, gender expressions, sexual orientations, ages, national origins and abilities with open arms. In doing so, UntitledTown creates an inclusive and invigorating environment for all—staff, volunteers, donors, sponsors, attendees, featured speakers and vendors.

How can you not support that?

For these reasons, I have picked UntitledTown as Bermuda’s choice for my year-long endeavor to donate to one charity a month, based on the preferences of the characters in my Panagea Tales series. Bermuda has donated $200 to keep stories alive for everyone.

If you’d like to donate to UntitledTown and help them reach their goal, please visit their website! It’s an incredible organization and so, so important for future generations to enjoy the free workshops, readings, and experience a moment in time of someone else’s life.

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