The Box Set is coming October 21st!

The_Panagea_Tales_Box_Set_The_Complete_Epic_Fantasy_Series_McKenzie_AustinOctober 21st is a wonderful day to curl up with a book (or four) and enjoy some delightful autumn reading.

It’s also the day the Panagea Tales comes to a bittersweet end.

I started this journey in January of 2018, and I made quite a few mistakes along the way. I’ve edited the original manuscript more times than I can count. I’ve gone through three different book covers for The Tree That Grew Through Iron. I didn’t have a newsletter, or beta readers, or advanced review copies to give out to people to make sure my book(s) had Amazon reviews on launch day.

I just knew I wanted to write a book. One book turned into two. The deeper the characters burrowed into my heart, the longer their stories became. Now, just shy of two years since I first put fingers to keyboard, their respective journeys are coming to completion.

Gods dammit, I hate goodbyes.

I’ll still be able to revisit them; I know that much. We still have to make the audiobooks for The Gods Who Harvested Men, The Serpent That Swallowed Its Tail, and The Canary That Sang to the World. I’ve been toying with the idea of a collection of short origin stories for Kazuaki’s crew. You know … little visits, here and there. But I know it won’t be the same. Half a million words is a long adventure to take, and unfortunately for Nicholai, Kazuaki, and the crew, there just aren’t half a million more.

I hope if you have stories in your heart, you write them. I hope if you have characters you want to show the world, you share them. And I hope you feel the same thrill, and fear, and triumph, and sadness that I have when you do. Goodbyes will always be hard, but I wouldn’t trade this one for the world.

I hope if you read the box set and enjoy the series, you consider leaving a review on Amazon and Goodreads. Thank you for taking this journey with me. Let me know if you ever start one of your own. I’m always down for an adventure.



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