The Tree That Grew Through Iron Wins Gold Medal

yayHello, all!

I hope I didn’t spoil the premise of this post; the title really does say it all. Yesterday, I woke up to an e-mail from The Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards that stated ‘The Tree That Grew Through Iron’ was a GOLD medal winner in the Adult Fiction category of their contest! Ah!

After the wave of disbelief wore off, I was able to mutter a few incoherent words of appreciation. With a full day for the news to settle over me, I’m much more capable of highlighting my joy.

I would like to thank ALLi (The Alliance of Independent Authors) for all the work they do in vetting the book award contests that are NOT out to jilt an eager writer out of his or her hard-earned money by charging them entry fees for nothing more than greed. Winning an award is an incredible honor, but winning an award that has been thoroughly analyzed by a group of experts in the field is even better.

In other news: I have finally decided to pursue a voice actor for an audio book version of The Tree That Grew Through Iron! I’m excited to say that I’ve had several great auditions, and will be narrowing it down very soon.

Thank you to everyone, the readers, for making this series as powerful as it has become. I hope to have the same luck with my new paranormal romance series: The Incineration Saga!

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