Gaiman’s First Law

“Picking up your first copy of a book you wrote, if there’s one typo, it will be on the page that your new book falls open to the first time you pick it up.” – Neil Gaiman


Someone warned me about it. I thought the countless times that I scoured through the text were enough.

It’s never enough, people. It’s. Never. Enough.

Quite literally, I flipped open to page 166 of The Tree That Grew Through Iron‘s paperback version. My eyes scanned the page. Then I saw it.

“…edged closer death.”

Gods. Damn.

After an initial panic and contemplative thoughts of throwing myself on the edge of a crippling anxiety attack, I drew a deep breath. I paused. I accepted. The book’s only been out for less than a week. I had time to fix it. There’s only about one hundred copies of my blatant mistake floating around in readers’ hands. (And probably more that I haven’t caught.) But it is what it is. Ironically, it captures a theme that runs through all the installments of the Panagea Tales:

Human beings are not perfect. And they never will be.

The sooner we accept this, the sooner we can move on to worrying mindlessly over other things in life, since we all know there’s bound to be more.

Love, light, and peace, my friends. And sorry if you’re one of the few who purchased my imperfect version.


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