Pre-Orders! Holy Feck!

I can’t believe the time has come to start taking pre-orders for The Tree That Grew Through Iron.

I’d like to thank my mom, for pushing me out of her body thirty years ago. And my husband, who tolerates my complete and utter inability to focus on anything other than my laptop during my writing process. And my dog, Cheesecake, who has managed to not destroy my laptop despite being a clunky, 70+ lb ox.

Okay, I might be getting a little too wrapped up in the moment. After all, people pre-release books every day (and congratulations to them, because writing is feckin’ hard!). It’s an exciting moment. For realsies.

I’m hoping this blog grows into more than just a self-serving publication place for me to pedal my writing to you though, guys. I’m going to stumble my way through indie author success if it kills me, and I will gladly speak about what worked for me and what didn’t. If any other indie authors stumble across my humble blog, please feel free to reach out! I’ll answer any questions you have to the best of my ability.

In the mean time, sit back, relax, rub your hands together menacingly as you await for the June 4th release of The Tree That Grew Through Iron, and take a deep feckin’ breath. Shit’s about to get real.

You can secure your pre-orders for the eBook version of The Tree That Grew Through Iron on Amazon.

Love you all with my whole heart!


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